The community driven password manager

100% free!

This is a community project. We can not guarantee 100% uptime!
This is not an official vaultwarden instance, maintained by the repository owners.
We are currently running on a Docker Cluster.
We make regular backups of the server, but we are not responsible for data loss!

Find the answers for the most frequently asked questions

Is this 100% free?

It is free and it will be free forever. But if you want you can donate us money via Kofi below.

What happens if you suddenly shut down your server and i can not access my passwords anymore?

This will not happen. At least not without a notification and without enough time to export your data

Where can is see the uptime of this server?

Currently you can see the uptime at the Status Page.

Are my passwords secure?

So secure as a self-hosted vaultwarden instance would be. This is just a normal vaultwarden server in a Docker Cluster. We can not see your passwords and can not access your vault.

Can you delete my account or my passwords?

Yes we can. But we don't do. But we encourage you to do not trust us and backup your vault frequently.

We reserve the right to regularly delete accounts that have no passwords and where there is no activity.

What data do you save? Is there any tracking?

We save everything what vaultwarden saves in its default configuration. Data we have from you is only the data your provide us and your IP Address and the URL you requested. There is no tracking of your activities beyond the default.

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Fixing Issues

We are fixing Issues with the Installation

We remove your data

If you request it we can remove your data from the instance

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Other Instances

There are other public instances too. Maybe check them out too.
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